“Nicky Venus Makes Heartbreak Sound Fun on “Little Runner”...brash and seductive, and channels elements of Depeche Mode and LCD Soundsystem.”
— Pure Volume
As he stared off into the distance, focused on something beyond the here and now, Venus gathered whatever otherworldliness it is that propels him and brought it back to the crowd
— Owl and Bear
Taking on a goth-ish rendering of your favorite 80s new romantic idol
— Impose Magazine
It’s songs like these that make me wish I could be in my twenties back in the 80’s.
— Buzznet
He unapologetically channels the golden age of moody, electronic pop...The result is appropriately haunting, hypnotic, and brooding...
— Free Bike Valet
Little Runner hooked me in quickly with its hints of darkwave and a deeply catchy chorus. The sleek tune glows...
— I Heart Moosiq
We discovered that Nicky Venus is a sophisticated San Diego-based synth pop act, who has won the Best Pop award at the San Diego Music Awards
— Indietronica
A masterful use of electronica, danceable pop tunes and a personal story that gives the songs a genuine intensity
— Inner Ear Media (Netherlands)
You have to add this young upcoming musician from California to your playlist. He’s definitely an artist to follow.
— Flenstyle (Denmark)